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New Stuff

I’m Not Dead

Hey – I just wanted to let you know that I’m still here. I didn’t leave the world yet. Brash is still a person. I have been battling in order…

Nov 4th, 2016

Exit 6 – The Instrumentals

Hi – It’s been awhile. I know I owe for the kickstarter. I’m hoping to get that all knocked out and taken care of in the spring. I’ve dropped Exit…

Mic Check – Official Music Video – Kickstarter Rewards Info

Hi Guys, So the first of the two music videos are a wrap. It was a lot of fun to shoot it, and Shane over at Shane films really did…

August Update

Hello – Last month I was able to pull off a shoot for Mic Check with Shane McLellan – the song will soon have visuals. I couldn’t have done that…

Kickstarter – Money vs Art

yo- With about half of the time left, I’m a little more than half over my goal. As someone who has felt largely ignored in the art that I love…


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