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New Album: Exit 6

I’ve been working really hard. Every night, after I put my kids to sleep, I’ve been working on music anywhere from 3-5 hours. Because of that, I’m getting an album done pretty fast. I know there are people out there fiending to battle me right now, and I got you eventually… I take my wins and loses in stride. At the end of the day my music is better than yours anyway.

Oh yea this is supposed to be about the new album. It’s an entirely new direction for me. I totally have love for the producers I’ve worked with over the years… Domingo, Anno Domini, Colombeyond, King Solomon… they’re talented people. I’m stepping away from getting beats from others for this one though. Just this one. I’m gonna pull in the best from both worlds for the one after that, but I’m working really hard on not just writing tight scripts but having dope production on top of that. I’m learning a lot about how to do new things to improve my overall sound, not just my swag… which battles def. do in spades. Some new things are going to be happening as I continue to age.

So this new album is called Exit 6. It’s going to be rappity rappity rappity rappity… and I’m working with only my crew on it. PBX will be repped on this to the fullest extent, and they have inducted me into the crew as of last December. (Almost a year in!) Also, my grassroots fam-a-lamb will be dropping verses…. Blak Philly, INF, Crooked Mindz… the usual suspects.

As time moves forward I’m getting more excited. Not quite sure about a release date but it’ll be around the corner, no doubt. Just finished a song that I will be releasing in the next two weeks because it’s good. Produced by me too.

Everything is coming up Milhouse.

playfactory 2011 montage – Music by BRASH

I’m really proud to have been involved in this YouTube video. I grew up skateboarding, but was never really that good. I’m actually surprised that I can still kickflip, as I only touch a board like once a month now, if that. Winter months basically never. Anyway, check out Playfactory on facebook, let them know that Brash sent ya… apparently I have a small little cluster of fans out there in Ohio.

What Up

I’m really in need of some help. I need a couple of CD sales. When I dropped Mind Flex last year, I didn’t ask for sales. I found it hard to put myself in that position. Who the fuck am I? You know? Why should I get at people to buy my shit? To be honest, I really just enjoy making the music. I don’t like having to try to sell it to people, I don’t want to have to pretend that I’m some sort of HUGE rap mesiah… I’ve gone to music seminars where they tell you that you need to act as though you’re the next Michael Jackson in order to have a sustaining music career. Whatever, that’s not my approach. I just want to deliver honesty, truth, and good music, even if sometimes I might not look like the pinnacle of excellence in this music.

So please, cop a copy at, so that I can get some baby goods. I got two now, and I got laid off. I don’t have anything anymore. I have literally no place to turn except to to the few fans that I have. I’m trying to keep music a part of my life, and refuse to leave it… but I really need some help here.

Thanks, even to those who are way too broke to help out. I’m here with you.



Another Redesign

What’s up –

I’m working pretty hard. I’m not getting paid like I used to, but things are looking up I guess. This website has some growing pains, but I’m on my way to getting things where I want them to be. It’s going to be a slow process for this site over the next week or two. I deleted all the old posts and stuff… for now I’m just building piece by piece. By new years I hope to be running up 100 percent.

If you came here looking for From off the Map, click that link that I just typed. See what I did there?

Actually, fuck it, download it below this line right here: