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Mic Check Digital 12″ FOR FREE


So I’ve been working on work that makes you tired to the core. I just stay trying to juggle everything this awesome thing called life has been handing me over the last couple of years, which makes little victories like this feel awesome. I always have wanted to press 12″ vinyl, because I just love the way the final product sounds. Yea, I know, it’s not actually on vinyl. I’m not¬†disillusioned, but the format that this fits is like those records I used to cop from Mystic Disc all the time. I miss the days of buying a stack of new releases, hearing the parts that make the whole, working my own ideas over some beats that I found that inspired me and even taking the time to listen through an acapella to see how the recording process for vocals worked. You don’t really get that with single releases anymore. Hip-Hop was always interactive to me because of vinyl single releases like these.

What I hope happens is that you guys just enjoy this for what this is, perhaps find a bit of inspiration, and share what I hope turns out to be something entertaining and enjoyable.

If you spin any of the music I’ve made here for the airwaves or the internet, please don’t hesitate to let ASCAP know. Those song reports that your PD sends in really helps little guys like me out.

Here is the link: