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Rewind: New Song off of Exit 6

Song from Exit 6 – New Album – 2013
Self Produced, Recorded, Masterd
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Finishing Up an Album…/ CTHIPHOP.NET

Hey –

I know it’s been awhile. Being a parent is a lot of work… a TON of work. Because not only do kids demand a lot of your attention/time/energy, but they also need a lot of exterior stuff like food and shelter, which basically equates to the pursuit of MONEY… which I don’t have a lot of. I work really hard at a lot of different things, and the $$$$$$$$$$ lkdjf;salkdjf;lksdajfa’sldf hasn’t happened for me yet. Whatever. I stay hungry.

Just wanted to write and say that, Exit 6, my album… another one. It’s almost done. I basically have to get the verses in from the people that I need to get the verses in from. I’m at a loss on how I want to do this one… part of me is thinking, fuck it, people don’t buy music, and I’m so below the rap radar that it might be worth it to just give it away for free… the other part of me gets all label-esque douchy like “MY PRODUCT!!!>>>> GAAhshl;dkjahslk;

This is coming out as kind of a transitional record. All the beats, I did. Anno Domini has been a huge resource to me over the years, and those dudes are just dope as fuck… I miss ripping those beats. But I had to get my point across and prove to myself that I can do more than just rap.

Anyway… I’m on track to bring a CD’s worth of music a year to you… you know what’s funny? I picture you in my head when I talk to you. You’re probably someone I know, even if vaguely… but yea, I’m doing this music like that. A CD a year for the rest of my life… until I A) Die or B) Finally have my heart broken by music. A lot of people I’ve met through this amazing, over commercialized, under appreciated art form have shown me how amazing they are as people… and a lot of shown me otherwise.

So if you’re on CTHIPHOP.NET a lot… there hasn’t been much updates lately, I know. Fuck it. I admit it, I bit off more than I could chew taking on something like… I really REALLY REALLY need help with it. It’s a hard thing to ask for, because it doesn’t pay shit, doesn’t make shit… but it’s becoming one of the biggest hiphop blog’s in CT… and I have MAD love for all the other CT based blogs doing it, and I’m not shitting on you… I just made a good move with the name choice. I didn’t do anything special.

But since EVERYBODY knows about that site… by default… hit me up.

And I’d like to announce that Jack Nickelz, super dope, super talented writer/emcee/producer, and OG Hartford hiphop head, is going to be providing some content. I’ll be playing catch up for awhile to come, until this album run is over.


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