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Brash / Aeon Shirts for Sale

 Image above is Back / Front of the shirt.

Brash shirts are now available from the Aeon Audio store. 

New Battle: Brash vs. Kinetik Dialekt

Quick synopsis on my side:

I don’t give a shit about wins and losses, but a lot of people are telling me that I won this one. It is a great feeling, winning a rap battle, but the thing about this one… I was so evenly matched with this cat, if I “won,” I’d say it is more circumstantial win than anything. As in, there would have been a very different outcome if I had won the coin toss.  Kinetik Dialekt really brought bars. (That line about lesbian ovaries in round two really amazed me.)

The thing about battle rap that really annoys me, is that a lot of people fail to realize that it is actually NOT about the two people trading insults with each other. The performers are actually the least important people in the room, in my opinion. People who gauge the worth of an artist based solely on “wins and losses” in battle rap aren’t even the type of people I care to cater to. The most important people in a rap battle are the people who are there, live, in the audience, who are there to have a good time and enjoy a good show.  Some people bring REAL HATE into battles. Leave that shit at home… it is uninteresting and is not remotely compelling at all.

What I guess I’m saying is, if you are a fan of mine, check out this battle. This is something that you’ll find entertaining. If you think I won, or lost, I’m cool with either decision. What I’d really like you to do, as a person consuming this performance, is consider that there are two real live, actual human beings that put a lot of soul and effort into what you’re seeing. If you think someone “won,” or “lost,” take a step back before you decide to refer to either person as anything less than what they actually are.

As the great TD3 once said, “I live for this, not off this,” and I really think that was a smart thing to say.