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413 Battle League – Brash vs. aLiterate live @ Bella Terra in NY

I lost this one. That’s OK, because this cat is NICE. I felt off the entire time I was performing, and I can’t really put my finger on why. I’ve watched this a few times, trying to get a grip on where my mind set was… had two stumbles in the first round that made me wonder why I persist with this shit.

Anyway – there really is no shame in losing in this instance. aLiterate took it, that’s my opinion. There is no salt about it, it is what it is. I’m looking forward to my next opponent, which is to be determined. I have my honor about me, so I have no fear about what others might say. What I learn from surviving failure on a constant basis is that I can’t be destroyed. I’ve had label deals fall through. I’ve had people turn their backs on me. I’ve had venues blackball me. In the end, I always look back and realize that it hurt, or it sucked, but I pick myself back up, because I’d hate myself for not staying with the art that I’ve chosen. Sometimes I wonder why I didn’t pick another art form to bind myself to – I honestly really miss writing short stories… but then I remember…

I do this art, because of the people I get to meet. I’ve met some of the coolest motherfuckers on the planet through hiphop – Logc, godAWFUL, Blak Philly, INF, Crooked Mindz, TD3… and aLiterate. Kid is the man.


Peace – and stay connected to this ride that I’m taking. I will keep at it until I die.