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New Song Released 2/16/14 – Hartbeat Produced by Mike Hall

Mike Hall and I have been toying with the idea of doing a project together. He is a really talented producer based out of Hartford. This is NOT on my new album, Exit 6. I will be doing the final recording sessions and mixing for that through March. It looks like that might be coming out in conjunction with another record label. Maybe anyway.  I don’t know.

Please listen to this, download it, if you rap, do some of your own verses on the beat… if you do remixes, do one up as I included the acapella. If you enjoy music, share it with your friends. It is free.

A lot of important things that have happened with my music career happened in Hartford. This song reflects the journey I take into the city, the people that I’ve known from it, and the frustrations that I’ve gone through. This song reflects it.


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