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413 Battle League – Help Support – Buy a Ticket Here

yo –

413BL is really doing me a solid. They have me booked for their May 31st event, where we all gather into a giant arena to celebrate the fact that the Earth went around the Sun again and TD3 is still on it. It’s already happened 43 times before. He’s 43 now. Can you believe it? He’s old as shit. Bob Barker is his older cousin.

OK so, this league has helped me out in ways I can’t really explain yo. (Yea, I’m going to write that in here when I feel like it.) They’re a great bunch of artists up there and can say that the roster is all good people. I’ve had like a 50/50 battle record with 413 I think. I have their backs. All those heads are like family to me in a way now which is weird. aLiterate, Cell, Lord K, Sicarii, Imperial Yo-Yo… I have your backs. I’m really hoping that more people step up and help these guys out in the future.

Yea, there are going to be some big names, and big surprises, and I’m sure more than a few historic moments for whatever this battle rap movement is becoming. My opponent Uno Lavoz is talented, and I’ve watched his battles for awhile. He doesn’t always win every battle, but the reason that this dude is so much fun to watch, is because you cannot predict what he’s going to do. Writing for him is tough – I’m not slouching.  I had him on a radio show that I do sometimes with my big brother Logic of PBX/iBattle. Even though I’m the one he’s going to be dissing, I’m looking forward to a go show from this dude. As part of the audience expect good energy, amazing drink specials, and an amazing live show.

Anyway, the point of all of this is –


Presales help our ships sail. Imperial Lex needs gas for his yellow submarine so he can fire jizz filled nuclear bombs at his baby’s mom.