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Live in Quincy ft. GOOBA 10/18/14

Domingo Joints – Available everywhere


In 2007, my friend Blak Philly had built a bridge with legendary producer Domingo (who has worked with the likes of Masta Ace, Big Pun, Canibus, and Dilated Peoples) and I reached out. I was living in Carol Gardens in Brooklyn that year, and after sending an email, I surprisingly got a response. Domingo had recently decided to allow aspiring artists to lease beats from him, and I had just heard the beat that ended up being a collaboration with Blacastan the following year.  I was green with my skills still, and had moved to New York City to pursue a better understanding of where the culture came from. Within 2 hours of emailing Domingo, we were talking in the street about everything.

After a brief discussion, a deal was made, and the bulk of the instrumentals that were leased ended up on a free to the public project mid 2008 called Mind Warp. Since that release, a lot has changed regarding how people consume music. Because of this, it struck me as a good idea to remaster a few of the tracks, and put them into the digital market place.

If you like the project, please consider visiting my bandcamp page and paying 5 dollars for it. The reason that I’m asking this, is because I desperately want to be able to release Exit 6, my first entirely self produced album, and I want to it right. I’m a hard working person, a father of two, and I respect the hell out of the attention spans of the people who listen to my music.