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Masta Ace in Hartford, CT 12/13/14

MastaAceShoeNothing is more amazing to me than the fact that, an artist that I have been inspired by since I was 12 or 13 years old, is coming out to do his thing with some of the best local hiphop artists I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

The best part about this is that the younger dudes, such as The Voyagers and Funk Gero, are going to be able to see one of the originators of this amazing art form we all love, do his thing. Ace is gearing up to create yet another classic album – his visit to Hartford will be going down as a landmark event for CT Hip Hop. If anyone is a legit hip-hop fan, you’ll be there to see him.

You can buy a ticket to the event buy clicking this link or by clicking the flyer in this post. See you there!


My Podcast – The Art of HipHop


I know that so far, my podcast has been all over the place. I’ve had the pleasure of having some of CT’s best and brightest to come through so far. It’s a lot of work to do what really amounts to a live radio show on top of everything else that I do creatively… but it is worth doing.

With this new service Podbean, if I ever have anyone as famous as Cadalack Ron cause over 10K people to listen to the show in an hour, it won’t hurt my server. So The Art Of HipHop is back… you can click a link now directly off of the header on my page, or you can go directly to and listen. The episodes that are up there now are not really even the most recent. The Art of HipHop also now has a youtube channel… – besides uploading the audio only versions of the show, I’ll also be doing some video stuff… sparsely… but the show is changing it’s focus…

Once and awhile, it’ll be a telecommunications cluster fuck of whoever decided to do the show with me live. But, I really like the This American Life approach to radio… where it’s all pre-recorded nonsense.

So, if you’re a hiphop artist, and you’re reading this, and you want a nice packaged online interview to help promote what you are doing, don’t hesitate to contact me. Check out the older episodes and let me know what you think. Our new host, Podbean, transferred most (most) of the episodes from my old server location to the new site.




Million Dollar Head – New Single from Exit 6


I’ve had a lot of ups and downs this year. I’ve been sitting on a completed album, and I’m happy to announce that that is not going to be the case much longer. I’ve decided to release Exit 6 in January. I’m just a solo artist doing his thing independently. With that said, I finally released Million Dollar Head… and while it probably does sound a bit like a sexually perverse diatribe, it’s actually all about value, and where you should place it. America is pretty hedonistic, and someone once said that it’s a crime in progress… part of me wants to agree, the other part of me wants to think that, while we’re all focused on getting money and buying useless crap, that we all understand that there is more to it.

Listen to it below. Should be on Spotify soon.

Spider Bite Records Show at Anna Liffey’s


I’m happy to say that I have a gig with my friends down in New Haven on the 21st. While my life is pretty much crumbling down to a stupid nub, I’m glab that I have the opportunity to perform and do my thing. So what if I feel like the worst piece of shit on the face of the planet? Music will save me. Right?

Performing are Rightousness Gone, Fury, Freeze, James Joyce, Ill, and the dude who is writing this.

Come celebrate the fact that it is Nov 21st on Nov 21st at Anna Liffey’s. I perform there about 2 or 3 times a year and each time, it’s a banger.

I’m going to go back to farting in my living room and feeling like crap now.

Join the event: