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Exit 6 – Physical and Digital OUT NOW


I worked really hard on this project and know you will enjoy it. Below is a Spotify embed – you can crank through a couple of listens of the project and gauge it for yourself. People are telling me that it is my best work to date. It is also the first project where I produced all of my own beats.

Since I’m an independent dude with limited resources, I’ll be getting this to chain stores basically one at a time and doing announcements as they happen.¬†You can get a download of the album and the CD shipped to you for 12 bucks from my bandcamp page!

Peace to everyone who has helped me grow through this project.


413 Battle League Criterion II 3/14/15 – Exit 6 Finished – Album Release 3/17/15 – PARTY At Sully’s in Hartford 3/20/15

Exit 6 is done and I’ve printed test copies. It is a finished project. Huge weight lifted off of my

Sully’s is near and dear to my heart and bringing out good people and good music is hugely important to me. Hartford always fostered my creativity. They tolerated me growing this talent from being really terrible at it to kind of bearable to this little personal masterpiece I worked on. All my own beats. I now have a really twisted view of ¬†kanye west. I think I was able to touch something great and I couldn’t do it without some key people.

Blak Philly and INF – my true hiphop brothers. Came from the same planet.

Joey Batts – We’re going to do that project, I already started.

godAwful – Incredible talent. Has a complete understanding of how to deliver awesome battles, great music. Makes me proud to be a part of PBX

Matt Daly – Come a long way in a short time. Dude still doing numbers on right now…

Logic – Spits fire verses whenever he wants to forged some with his verse.

— I’ll be posting one last updated flyer for this event in about 24 hours —

As far as battles – MC Motion at the 413. I’m going to have a dope match. Write for a 3-0 hope for a classic. 413 is my battleground. What’s super important to me is that the crowd is entertained. I came up with some crazy shit for this one. Can’t wait to get it done.

Some other sick battles are coming on that night as well. Check the flyer for it below.