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Thanks Reverbnation


You can do this thing with Reverbnation where you can let them focus group your song. Mine did really well. I was really happy when I got a good result. I really like battles and stuff but I want to make music. I want to be in the studio more. That’s all. More work please. Being able to make the music is one of the most satisfying parts of my life. It’s therapeutic and without it I probably would’ve self destructed awhile ago.

I wanted to share the results for both my song Mic Check, which got me the feature on Reverbnation, and Million Dollar Head. I’m talking with some people about maybe doing a new record. It’d be nice to see this older work go somewhere.

And of course – you can buy my album digitally for 10 bucks, 12 bucks if you want the CD. I’m so confident that you will love my work that I will give you a refund if you by it and tell me you don’t like it within 2 weeks of purchase. All you have to do is contact me and tell me you hate it. You won’t though. I’m dope.

Peace be with you,



Brash and Blak Philly – Kick a Mic Down Video

Download Million Dollar Head – Clean Version for FREE (Soundcloud)