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Kickstarter – Money vs Art


With about half of the time left, I’m a little more than half over my goal. As someone who has felt largely ignored in the art that I love as much as I do, it’s a humbling feeling. I have a vision in my head for what I want to do and having people that I have love for contribute to my ideas is huge to me. I don’t have any connection to what the outcome is for this. I’d like to be able to do it full-time, because as I’d be able to focus on it full-time. This work is about the work to me. I like talking to people who are open minded, which is a large majority of the people who take in art.

At the time of this writing I have 14 days left to find 373 dollars to get this thing off of the ground. I’m pretty sure of the director I’ll be working with, though I haven’t exactly written anything in concrete. Shane is who I really want to go with – my good friend INF shot a music video with him that came out amazing. Considering that I want to have a video where him and my buddy Blak Philly chop my head off and stick it in a jar. I don’t know why I can’t get the vision of how awesome/interesting/different it would be to do this. It would be great.

I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot with my art so far, part time. I’ve never been able to make music my full-time. I’d like to be able to spend a couple of years of my life being self-employed doing that. Not because I think I’d be a millionaire, but because in order to be truly great at something, you have to go at it full-time. I feel confident in my skills so far working part time. I want to create mmmmaaaaaannnnnnnn…. but this money thing is a drag. It is such a shitty operating system for life. Society sometimes feels like a really awesome super computer with Windsows 95 installed. The system hasn’t been upgraded in years and while it still works, it could be a lot better.

I’ve got to say this because I’ve got the floor on my own website – there is no shortage of anything. There is plenty of everything. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a weak bitch inside. Anyone who tells you you are too old to do something, or won’t help you fulfill a vision, even in a small way, or talks down to you because of who you are or what you are doing – that person is to be avoided. All shortages are man made – anyone bashing someone they don’t know for the way the rap, or the way they talk, or the way of anything, is close minded. Don’t be that. Don’t take part in it, either. Life is wayyyyy too short.

It’s enough for me to be able to get this work out. I’m a professional and will take the rewards for myself if they come, or if they don’t come, but all I know I have a right to is my work. Being able to do this is a hugely rewarding part of my life. Money vs. Art. If you are only doing your art because of money, I think you are doing it wrong. I mean I don’t know, I’m not a huge authority on anything. The whole point of this to me is to show your uniqueness as a person, speak about an honest point of view, and put out interesting ideas. That’s why I surrounded myself with said people and kind of ignore the rest. Life is wayyyyy to short bro.

If you’re reading this and can help, PLEASE CONTRIBUTE WHAT YOU CAN!  I can understand if you can’t. I’ve been broke, and honestly still am… hence the kickstarter. There’s a super talented artist I believe in by the name of Illus who had a kickstarter running in 2012 when I was laid off from my day job. I managed to find a mere dollar for him, but that’s literally all I could do to help him at that time. Even if that’s all you can do – it is hugely appreciated.

I respect the fuck out of your attention span – thank you.