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Mic Check – Official Music Video – Kickstarter Rewards Info

Hi Guys,

So the first of the two music videos are a wrap. It was a lot of fun to shoot it, and Shane over at Shane films really did the damn thing right. This one, admittedly, was the lower budget project of the two that I’m doing. We kept it simple and gave it a 90s look. I actually was able to pull off a shitty kickflip on camera for it. Check the project below.

So phase one is done. Thank you for everyone who has helped me get here. I could not have done it without you guys.

For those of you who have given to the Kickstarter, I have to apologize in the slowness of getting the rewards out. I found out the the love of my life is NOT the love of my life. I tried with this person, but she found it OK to be sleeping with another man behind my back. Because of the destructive nature of her decisions, my life is now upside down in some regards. I’m going to get these things to you guys but it is going to take more time to get them out to you than I wanted. For that I cannot apologize enough, as you all really went out on a limb to help me. Please understand that the circumstances are extenuating and that I’m going to land on my feet like a motherfucker.


Anyone needing to get a hold of me directly can use any social media presence I have or email me here: