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Exit 6 – The Instrumentals

Hi –

It’s been awhile. I know I owe for the kickstarter. I’m hoping to get that all knocked out and taken care of in the spring. I’ve dropped Exit 6, the instrumental version. You can stream it below.

When it comes to jacking beats, I’d like to say this – any artist out there that wants to use my instrumentals in either a performance or for a recorded mixtape, that is awesome. I’m not going to chase you for some bullshit money. The art means a lot more to me than anything else, and releasing instrumental versions of stuff effects how the culture grows. If anything I’d like to hear your work. Please do me a favor though – help me on my journey in some way. If that means buying a copy of the instrumental disc or Exit 6 itself, or coming to a show – just remember that the culture matters to me more than the cash flow does.