I’m Not Dead


Hey –

I just wanted to let you know that I’m still here. I didn’t leave the world yet. Brash is still a person.

I have been battling in order to stand on my own two feet. My kids take┬áprecedents over rap, and part of that understanding means going back to school. I went through an awful situation last year with my family, one the marked my life as one filled, officially, with people who were supposed to love me screwing me over. I almost went bankrupt this year. I got a decent place to keep some sense or normalcy for my kids, and have had to grind two jobs, and school full time, to try and make a future. I’m about halfway done with this masters degree, and the situation has improved, but I still am working 60 hour work weeks.

I know that to the passerby, this might seem like whining. It isn’t. I’m proud of who I am. I’m someone that got out of a giant lie and found truth in myself. And yea, I have to hustle extra hard for my life to work, but it is MY life and I don’t have to answer to anyone. I’m my own man.┬áSometimes I don’t know if I can trust anyone, but I’m in charge of that, at least.

After Christmas goes by, I should be able to start shooting the video for Million Dollar Head. During this season, I should be taking care of the rest of the rewards. I love the people who stayed up with me during all this.

I’m going to be rocking with my brother Logic in Hamden. You can see the show info by clicking the link to “buy tickets,” even though that just takes you to the show RSVP on MyFace. Tapedeck will be there to snatch your chain.

Come through or I will comb your hair with a shotgun.