I’m Not Dead


Hey –

I just wanted to let you know that I’m still here. I didn’t leave the world yet. Brash is still a person.

I have been battling in order to stand on my own two feet. My kids take precedents over rap, and part of that understanding means going back to school. I went through an awful situation last year with my family, one the marked my life as one filled, officially, with people who were supposed to love me screwing me over. I almost went bankrupt this year. I got a decent place to keep some sense or normalcy for my kids, and have had to grind two jobs, and school full time, to try and make a future. I’m about halfway done with this masters degree, and the situation has improved, but I still am working 60 hour work weeks.

I know that to the passerby, this might seem like whining. It isn’t. I’m proud of who I am. I’m someone that got out of a giant lie and found truth in myself. And yea, I have to hustle extra hard for my life to work, but it is MY life and I don’t have to answer to anyone. I’m my own man. Sometimes I don’t know if I can trust anyone, but I’m in charge of that, at least.

After Christmas goes by, I should be able to start shooting the video for Million Dollar Head. During this season, I should be taking care of the rest of the rewards. I love the people who stayed up with me during all this.

I’m going to be rocking with my brother Logic in Hamden. You can see the show info by clicking the link to “buy tickets,” even though that just takes you to the show RSVP on MyFace. Tapedeck will be there to snatch your chain.

Come through or I will comb your hair with a shotgun.


Nov 4th, 2016


Exit 6 – The Instrumentals

Hi –

It’s been awhile. I know I owe for the kickstarter. I’m hoping to get that all knocked out and taken care of in the spring. I’ve dropped Exit 6, the instrumental version. You can stream it below.

When it comes to jacking beats, I’d like to say this – any artist out there that wants to use my instrumentals in either a performance or for a recorded mixtape, that is awesome. I’m not going to chase you for some bullshit money. The art means a lot more to me than anything else, and releasing instrumental versions of stuff effects how the culture grows. If anything I’d like to hear your work. Please do me a favor though – help me on my journey in some way. If that means buying a copy of the instrumental disc or Exit 6 itself, or coming to a show – just remember that the culture matters to me more than the cash flow does.




Mic Check – Official Music Video – Kickstarter Rewards Info

Hi Guys,

So the first of the two music videos are a wrap. It was a lot of fun to shoot it, and Shane over at Shane films really did the damn thing right. This one, admittedly, was the lower budget project of the two that I’m doing. We kept it simple and gave it a 90s look. I actually was able to pull off a shitty kickflip on camera for it. Check the project below.

So phase one is done. Thank you for everyone who has helped me get here. I could not have done it without you guys.

For those of you who have given to the Kickstarter, I have to apologize in the slowness of getting the rewards out. I found out the the love of my life is NOT the love of my life. I tried with this person, but she found it OK to be sleeping with another man behind my back. Because of the destructive nature of her decisions, my life is now upside down in some regards. I’m going to get these things to you guys but it is going to take more time to get them out to you than I wanted. For that I cannot apologize enough, as you all really went out on a limb to help me. Please understand that the circumstances are extenuating and that I’m going to land on my feet like a motherfucker.


Anyone needing to get a hold of me directly can use any social media presence I have or email me here: ChrisRapple@gmail.com



August Update

Hello –

Last month I was able to pull off a shoot for Mic Check with Shane McLellan – the song will soon have visuals. I couldn’t have done that shoot without the many awesome people who donated to the KicksStarter project. We are currently planning on doing the shoot for Million Dollar Head mid September. Should be an excellent time.

I’m performing Sept 5th for a benefit for my friend Sicarii – dude has health issues and needs to pay a hospital. I will be posting the flyer and ticket info as soon as I get the complete details. Should be a fun show! What I know for now is that it is in Western Mass.

I’ll be battling again soon, and I’m doing my show http://theartofhiphop.com as often as I can. Check it out.


I’m still here – the site was down for a few days because of some misunderstandings between myself and the people who take care of the background things that bring the site to you. All is well.





Kickstarter – Money vs Art


With about half of the time left, I’m a little more than half over my goal. As someone who has felt largely ignored in the art that I love as much as I do, it’s a humbling feeling. I have a vision in my head for what I want to do and having people that I have love for contribute to my ideas is huge to me. I don’t have any connection to what the outcome is for this. I’d like to be able to do it full-time, because as I’d be able to focus on it full-time. This work is about the work to me. I like talking to people who are open minded, which is a large majority of the people who take in art.

At the time of this writing I have 14 days left to find 373 dollars to get this thing off of the ground. I’m pretty sure of the director I’ll be working with, though I haven’t exactly written anything in concrete. Shane is who I really want to go with – my good friend INF shot a music video with him that came out amazing. Considering that I want to have a video where him and my buddy Blak Philly chop my head off and stick it in a jar. I don’t know why I can’t get the vision of how awesome/interesting/different it would be to do this. It would be great.

I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot with my art so far, part time. I’ve never been able to make music my full-time. I’d like to be able to spend a couple of years of my life being self-employed doing that. Not because I think I’d be a millionaire, but because in order to be truly great at something, you have to go at it full-time. I feel confident in my skills so far working part time. I want to create mmmmaaaaaannnnnnnn…. but this money thing is a drag. It is such a shitty operating system for life. Society sometimes feels like a really awesome super computer with Windsows 95 installed. The system hasn’t been upgraded in years and while it still works, it could be a lot better.

I’ve got to say this because I’ve got the floor on my own website – there is no shortage of anything. There is plenty of everything. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a weak bitch inside. Anyone who tells you you are too old to do something, or won’t help you fulfill a vision, even in a small way, or talks down to you because of who you are or what you are doing – that person is to be avoided. All shortages are man made – anyone bashing someone they don’t know for the way the rap, or the way they talk, or the way of anything, is close minded. Don’t be that. Don’t take part in it, either. Life is wayyyyy too short.

It’s enough for me to be able to get this work out. I’m a professional and will take the rewards for myself if they come, or if they don’t come, but all I know I have a right to is my work. Being able to do this is a hugely rewarding part of my life. Money vs. Art. If you are only doing your art because of money, I think you are doing it wrong. I mean I don’t know, I’m not a huge authority on anything. The whole point of this to me is to show your uniqueness as a person, speak about an honest point of view, and put out interesting ideas. That’s why I surrounded myself with said people and kind of ignore the rest. Life is wayyyyy to short bro.

If you’re reading this and can help, PLEASE CONTRIBUTE WHAT YOU CAN!  I can understand if you can’t. I’ve been broke, and honestly still am… hence the kickstarter. There’s a super talented artist I believe in by the name of Illus who had a kickstarter running in 2012 when I was laid off from my day job. I managed to find a mere dollar for him, but that’s literally all I could do to help him at that time. Even if that’s all you can do – it is hugely appreciated.

I respect the fuck out of your attention span – thank you.


2 Shows with the mighty PACEWON



Thanks Reverbnation


You can do this thing with Reverbnation where you can let them focus group your song. Mine did really well. I was really happy when I got a good result. I really like battles and stuff but I want to make music. I want to be in the studio more. That’s all. More work please. Being able to make the music is one of the most satisfying parts of my life. It’s therapeutic and without it I probably would’ve self destructed awhile ago.

I wanted to share the results for both my song Mic Check, which got me the feature on Reverbnation, and Million Dollar Head. I’m talking with some people about maybe doing a new record. It’d be nice to see this older work go somewhere.

And of course – you can buy my album digitally for 10 bucks, 12 bucks if you want the CD. I’m so confident that you will love my work that I will give you a refund if you by it and tell me you don’t like it within 2 weeks of purchase. All you have to do is contact me and tell me you hate it. You won’t though. I’m dope.

Peace be with you,



Brash and Blak Philly – Kick a Mic Down Video

Download Million Dollar Head – Clean Version for FREE (Soundcloud)